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Big Picture Thinking for Long-Term Results

Does your organization lack the experience or internal cooperation to effectively plan ahead for long term success? Are you looking for a spring board to bring you to the next level quickly without having to hire a full time executive? Plainpeak specializes in providing executive level consulting for government, corporate and not-for-profit organizations. Plainpeak has over 20 years of experience in the field of strategic planning in business management, corporate communication and marketing. We have a talented and skilled team of researchers, analysts and strategists with experience in many different sectors. This vast experience is valuable as it allows Plainpeak to have big-picture thinking and provide cross-industry recommendations which give an edge to any group looking to define themselves as a modern, forward thinking organization of excellence. With Plainpeak's international offices based in both Europe and North America, our clients get the unique benefit of our global market knowledge, multi-lingual communication and the most up to date know-how in business methodology and marketing techniques.

Plainpeak is particularly skilled in mediation, bringing disparate groups of stakeholders to consensus and explaining complex situations. We take a research-based approach with data review, active research investigation and speaking directly with clients and/or stakeholders in work shops, surveys and one-on-one meetings. We funnel our comprehensive data through several different analytical tools and use the results as the basis which forms our strategic recommendations.

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Delivering the Right Message

The nature of marketing is changing rapidly, with the slowing down of traditional media and the evolution of online marketing and social media. It is critical for todays organizations to keep their finger on the pulse of what is happening in this new space of online and digital media. This is often easier said than done as in these challenging financial times, dedicating staff to online research and exploration is not always practical. Plainpeak can be your secret weapon, keeping you current with what is new and exciting in this new marketing medium. Plainpeak is on the leading edge of this evolving marketing channel, being invited to participate and speak at large social media events in the heart of new media, Silicon Valley.

Plainpeak approaches external marketing and communication in a comprehensive way utilizing both traditional and new media marketing techniques. These tactical elements are a part of our research-based strategic plans which form the basis of our action recommendations. Plainpeak has embraced technologies that improve the effectiveness and ease of communication, integrating solutions such as Skype, video live streaming at events, videocasting, podcasting, blogging, social media integrated Intranets and more. With expertise in this area, Plainpeak not only can enhance marketing efforts but also improve the internal communication of organizations.

Plainpeak's global experience and expertise distinguish us as unique vendors able to provide in depth knowledge of many different industries in many different markets. This global perspective, coupled with years of experience in planning and executing campaigns, rebranding, website development, print and visual arts (photography, animation, illustration, corporate film etc) makes Plainpeak a veteran in its field. We are able to identify issues that limit the effectiveness of an organization's marketing and communication, find creative solutions and initiate paths forward towards success.

Internal Communication is a large factor in determining the effectiveness of your teams, projects and departments. Streamlining and improving internal communications not only increases productivity but also ensures an efficient use of funds. Plainpeak has the technical expertise to create and refine large-scale Intranets, we also provide internal communication solutions for smaller organizations and create essential buy-in from organization departments through workshops and meetings. Plainpeak's shines when tasked at building consensus on sensitive issues, coming in as a knowledgeable expert, we tactfully and skillfully bring everyone on the same page during times of change.

Finally, Plainpeak has a great deal of experience consulting not-for profits in restructuring their organization to become more effective in their projects, more effective in their marketing campaigns and bringing them up to date in terms of their branding - always keeping budget realities in mind.

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Creating Momentum With The Right Tools

Plainpeak's main goal when developing websites is to provide the perfect online solution that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of our clients. We keep apprised of not only current web standards, usability, accessibility and search engine optimization methods but we also stay ahead of the game with regards to design and best practices. Plainpeak will ensure that your website is unique and competitive, integrating modern audio/visual elements, blogging and social media elements as appropriate. Plainpeak approaches web development from a needs basis, looking at a client's audience and what the organization wishes to accomplish with their website. We also take into account the succession plan for the website and growth expectation. We produce websites that are easy to navigate and enjoyable to spend time on while at the same time manageable for the organization behind them to maintain and administer.

Plainpeak has a reputation for creating novel custom applications that solve tricky technical problems. We've been called in for emergency technical assistance to solve time-critical problems and hired for long-term projects where we are the lead consultant tasked with solving an enterprise level issue. Whether it is solving a nagging problem or re-thinking an organizations way of doing things, Plainpeak is always available to listen and work with the client to perfectly meet their needs, saving our clients time and money.

Plainpeak has a talented team of experienced software engineers that are particularly skilled at application development. With the guidance of our senior consultants, our technical team has the skill to create sophisticated applications (local, online, mobile apps) which Plainpeak can deliver to the market with an innovative marketing campaign.

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Find Out What Your Customers Really Want

The arena of marketing and public relations is drastically evolving with the development of the social media channel. It gives businesses and organizations direct access to their customers and provides the opportunity for organizations to collect and analyze hard data about their clients' use and purchase of their products or services. Plainpeak is very interested in this new media channel and have participated in several events (presenting at a few) in the heart of the social media space, Silicon Valley. Plainpeak has helped develop several social networking applications in the last few years, the lessons learned from working on these projects further refines Plainpeak's skill, which allows our customers to get first rate consulting about how best to market, promote and learn from this new media channel.

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Creating Momentum With The Right Tools

Plainpeak eagerly seeks out new technology and ideas emerging from the evolving video industry. We are constantly updating our equipment and staying apprised of new developments so our clients get the highest quality imagery possible at an affordable price. Our focus is on making beautiful film-like corporate videos that tell a story, as opposed to the old fashioned approach which features a talking-head. Today, people want entertainment, they no longer will settle for insincere scripted messaging from a static figure. As a result, we approach our video work from a strategic perspective, identifying our target audiences and making a corporate film that speaks to them in a way that they can relate to and understand.

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