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A Coordinated Approach to Relationship Management

NorQuest tasked Plainpeak with doing in depth research into their internal and external relationship management processes (RM) in order to determine a series of recommended paths forward. This need for improved stakeholder management was derived from the College's strategic plan in order to achieve "enhanced presence" externally and to streamline and improve their internal processes.

Plainpeak conducted a series of one-on-one interviews, surveys and workshops both with internal staff and external stakeholders. NorQuest greatly appreciated Plainpeak's broad based experienced both with regards to communication and with technical solutions. Plainpeak also brought forward a big picture perspective that NorQuest had been missing in their internal approach to RM previously. Plainpeak delivered detailed research and analysis which included a relationship management matrix, a best practices analysis and a gap analysis as well as a final report which included three recommendations for paths forward which hinged on some key decision making on the part of NorQuest.

NorQuest was very pleased with Plainpeak's thorough research and strategic approach to the final report and presentation, it was expressed that we changed their way of looking at RM and underlined the impact RM has on the core of their business.

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A Custom-made Marketing Campaign to Help those in Need

The Counsel Connection Campaign communicates and advertises Legal Aid Alberta's (LAA) paradigm shift in dealing with LAA lawyers. The new approach takes into consideration the evolving marketplace and acknowledges that LAA lawyers are essential to LAA's future success. LAA is currently going through significant steps of strategic and tactical business development to improve its partner relations with existing roster lawyers.

The Counsel Connection Campaign communicates this critical paradigm shift towards LAA's employees as well as Alberta's law community and the general public.

The campaign is currently unfolding through a variety of marketing efforts including events, online communication and direct marketing activities.

Plainpeak is responsible for the entire Council Connection Campaign development and roll-out including research assessment, strategic planning as well as concept design and implementation.

Plainpeak is LAA's trusted marketing and communications partner, advising on and implementing a wide variety of marketing efforts.

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A Community Profile Widget to Help Promote Alberta

Plainpeak rose to the challenge of creating a dynamic online repository of Alberta community profiles and a widget that allows users to search and browse the community profiles on a wide variety of independent websites. The profiles consist of descriptive and statistical information about the communities. The descriptive information includes aspects such as community lifestyle and economic facts; communities can update this information themselves through an easy to use content management system. The statistical data is derived from several sources including Statistics Canada, Municipal Affairs and Alberta Finance and Enterprise.

The widget itself is designed to distribute community profile information on the web about Alberta's communities as a means of stimulating economic development through attracting immigrants and businesses to the province. The profiles needed to be simple to update by the communities so that it was easy for communities to keep their data current; the widget also needed to be easy to implement for third party developers to ensure wide-spread adoption. Even through the testing phase, the community profile widget hit its target of being easy to update and effective to use and is now in its roll out phase around the province

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International Success through Social Media Campaign

Plainpeak has supported Smibs with their marketing program for their software products. This includes webpage and software design as well as the media rollout which has included pick up from countless bloggers, articles in major online magazines such as TechCrunch in addition to mainstream media such as the Globe and Mail, the Edmonton Journal and Alberta Venture. Please visit the Smibs media page for more details.

Most recently Plainpeak was able to secure Smibs a much sought after spot in the Real-time CrunchUp in San Francisco where Smibs launched their most recent software product VideoLobby. There were dozens of media present at the event, over 1000 in the audience and tens of thousands watching online.

Plainpeak's multi-disciplinary approach to marketing combined with their international experience has really pushed Smibs into the limelight and opened up doors that would have otherwise been unaccessible.

For more on Smibs, visit, to learn more about VideoLobby:, or to learn about Doorbell, Smibs' 'sales software for non-sales people', go to


Videos that Inspire and Motivate Staff

Legal Aid Alberta holds several conferences throughout they year for staff, lawyers and volunteers who support their mandate of "access to justice for everyone". Plainpeak was present at several conferences, recording speeches and interviews, which later formed the basis for the two videos featured in this case study. The aim was to produce videos that would inspire and motivate staff, to thank them for their hard work and remind them of the importance of the service they provide. The videos are emotional, sincere and motivational calls to action; unscripted and carefully edited to tell a story and bring their intended message across. Plainpeak received feedback from Legal Aid Alberta that the videos brought tears to the eyes of many in the room and that the videos proved to be a great alternative to their usual powerpoint presentations.

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